Finding The Right Fugitive Recovery Agents in California

Any bail bondsman can contact bounty hunters, also known as “fugitive recovery agents,” should their bailed defendants stage their escape through any means.

As with any US state, in California, companies who had posted a bond for a bailed suspect who skips their court hearing are the ones to pay the full bond price if they cannot retrieve the suspect after a year. Fugitive recovery agents who have trained and experienced in this field profit lucratively from working with any bail bondsman.

All bail bondsman have a roster of bail agents deemed reliable for these tasks. To build your list of competent bounty hunters in California, keep these three things in check.

Qualified For The Job Requirements

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The basic requirements bounty hunters need to fulfill is to be at the legal age for all US states, which is 18 years old.

All bounty hunter recruits in most training schools such as the National Bail Enforcement Agency are of legal age and have no previous felony convictions. However, before they can begin their bounty hunter training, they need to have undergone a Department of Insurance-approved classroom training.

The “classroom training” involves a bail industry course and the remaining for primary bail bond education.

The bounty hunter prospecting to join your roster should have also finished a two to four days Peace Officer Standards Training school and an 8-hour security guard course.

Willing To Go On A “Trial Basis.”

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Unlike university and a college degree, the bail agent training school a bounty hunter graduates from, whether the National Bail Enforcement Agency or US Cobra, is not a factor for most bail bondsman and companies.

Bounty hunters willing to work for the company must prove their skill in a pro-bono agreement for at least one or two escaping defendants. Anyone assigned to evaluate prospective bounty hunters should use the following criteria in selecting their agents:

  • Discreet tactics and methods
  • Previous Experience (if present during the job)
  • Avoiding any physical injury against a defendant who did not resist arrest
  • And the next item on this list

A Good Track Record With Bounty Hunter Laws

You must expect your bounty hunter to work within the confines of California and other US states’ bounty hunter laws. A good bounty hunter must deem these laws vital to their operating procedures when investigating and taking the missing accused in custody before the court.

Your company’s bounty hunters …

The Possible Implications Of California’s Prospective Bail Ban

Over the years, Californian suspects of petty to minor crimes have enjoyed temporary freedom with the help of bail bond companies and any available bondsman. Anyone who has committed a crime only needs to wait for the judge to provide a bail amount depending on the crime’s severity and they could contact a bail bond company for a quick ticket to temporary freedom by paying 10% of the judge-appointed bail.

The impending ban on money-based bonds is troubling the Californian bail bond industry. You should be aware of the pros and cons of the Californian government’s possible decision to eliminate the bail bond industry.

bail bonds San Angelo

Pro: The Impoverished Can Afford Bail (By Not Paying Anything)

California Senate Floor

A pro for Californian suspects is that the impoverished do not need to sit in jail for so long. Senate proposals to the Californian government regarding the Californian bail system involve the development of a “pretrial services agency” that has the responsibility to keep track of alleged suspects.

Aside from the proposed agency, the proposal also includes the implementation of a similar system the US states Wisconsin, Illinois, Florida and other countries that outlaw private bail bond systems and bounty hunters use as an alternative.

However, instead of paying a 10% refundable down payment to public bonding agencies as with Illinois, California’s lawmakers propose the use of “unsecured appearance bonds” that suspects would pay if they abscond their court hearing.

Pro: Risk-Based Accused Assessment

The pretrial services agency mentioned in the proposal would be present in every Californian county. The Senate reform intends the agency to create separate “plans” separately for both moderate and high-risk defendants.

Agency assessments could reveal whether the suspect is a threat to his or her community upon release or he or she is at risk of trying to escape California.

The new system, according to its proposers, downplays the role of money in exchange for freedom in the form of bail bonds and instead expands on suspect releases based on recognizance or citation.

Con: Suspects Might Be Forced To Confess To Unverified Allegations For Freedom

Prison bars

However, the private bail bond system guaranteed suspects had an option — if their financial capabilities can handle it — for their freedom if they believe they are innocent. No one can deny that organized crime suspects and repeat offenders use their financial influence to “buy their freedom” through bail bonds.

However, …

An In-Depth Guide To Maximizing Your Bail Bondsman Networks

Advertising a bail bond business might look absurd or even hilarious to most people who see their billboards, bills and online advertisements posted in different areas of the community or different communities and cities. However, business publications have character, which allows customers to remember them because of their initial impression.

US law does not condone openly advertising a bail bond business, but bail bond advertisements put off some people about the idea rather than find the service considerable because it makes money from criminals with no life-sentences. It sends a message that one could buy their way into freedom, which bail bond companies do not promote.

Nevertheless, against these advertising and marketing odds are great ways to expand and maximize your bail bondsman networks.

The Golden Rule

Prison Padlock

Every US state has a centralized group of bail bondsman exchanging contact details and other information county jails have on petty crimes and other opportunities of interest for further business. These organizations and groups recognize registered businesses in the state. Qualify and join prominent groups.

When participating, keep in mind that every member has to put something on the table, such as an informative idea or a lead that would suit some members. The more you give, the more you get. Do for the other members what you want them to do for you.

Internet forums are a great way to find businesses similar to yours looking for ways to gain more clientele. A community that supports one another could ensure a thriving and competitive industry in the state.

Identify Network “Seeds.”

In every forum and network are “seeds” or people with commendable spheres of influence over their client base and membership base. Exchange great ideas and clientele with influential individuals, but also be ready to do something pro-bono with them to access their network.

Something pro-bono could mean a high profile or high bail client that needs a bond that the prominent jail bail agent could handle and boost their profits during a “dry” business period. You may also exchange ideas on business optimization; for example, you could also provide an important component that helps optimize the influential bail bondsman’s business structure or operations.

To gain more influence, bring something valuable to the table that will benefit many, which in turn would impact many in the forum, including the “seeds,” that could accelerate your network growth.


Legal contract

Offering fees for other bail …

California Bail Cases: What Your Bail Bondsman Usually Needs

It comes as a sudden shock to parents or any family member, or friends, to receive word that their child or best friend went to prison for a minor crime. The fiercer the crime committed, the greater the shock for individuals concerned with the accused.

The first thing on any concerned party’s mind is to get the accused out of jail. Almost immediately, they would call for the 24 hour bail bonds san diego or any bail bondsman the jail would recommend on from list.

The concerned party may be erratic and confused while talking to your company, but it would greatly help the situation if you make clear these five crucial items that allow concerned parties to secure a bail for the defendant.

The Accused’s Location And Booking Number

Handshake between client and professional against car backdrop

Once the relevant party or defendant’s representative has calmed down over the phone, the company respondent must ask for the accused’s jail location. California has almost a hundred minor and major prisons, and it would save time for the defendant, the concerned party and the bail company to know the exact prison location as soon as possible.

Jails assign every incarcerated suspect a booking number once they arrive. The company respondent must know this information from the defendant’s representative calling the agency on his behalf. The number would allow the company to know about the posted bail if the concerned party could not inform the company about it beforehand.

The Judge-Appointed Bail Amount

Before verifying the amount using your agency’s methods through the accused’s booking number, it would be wise to wait for the concerned party to inform you about the judge-appointed bail amount. Judges provide this information to defendants during weekdays.

To earn the concerned party’s trust, should they ask about the judge-appointed amount, have the company respondent explain to them carefully the severity of crimes and the possible bail amounts associated with them. Respondents can also refer them to jail bail amount charts for common crimes if the prison displays one.

Collateral For The Bond If Any

It would be wise for bail companies to ask the concerned party about any collateral they can use after the company’s respondents brief the latter about the 10% bail down payment that is non-refundable before agreeing to post a bond for the presence of the accused before the courts when it grants their freedom.

Explain to the party that collateral can …

Resources for California’s Bail Bondsman

A reliable bail bondsman or agency has its name listed in California’s legal database, which allows precincts to contact these persons or agencies for client referrals.

However, this is not enough to keep your bail bond business in California afloat. Your business must guarantee that those that you or your agency had posted on bail would present themselves in court. In case this fails, having a reliable bounty hunter would be helpful in retrieving them to ensure you do not face any legal complication.

There is more to the bail bondsman or agency business than just posting bail for clients. It requires an understanding of a client’s case, their capability to repay the amount to your agency and more. This is why exists: to help you find the holes that possibly exist in your system.…